10 Important Elephant Rules

  1. Be a keyboard warrior! YOU can make a difference…every click on an online petition, every campaign you read about, every friend that tells you about a protest that you join makes a difference to saving the elephant as a species on earth. They will be extinct if you are not their human voice.
  2. Your MP or MEP can help you! It is their job to voice the concerns of members of their constituency but they can’t help bring about wider discussion if they don’t know you are interested in their help to save elephants.
  3. Do your research: support your local, national or international conservation or eco tourism charities and organisations who genuinely care for animals and elephants in particular and who wish to create a better and more sustainable environment for everybody.
  4. Be knowledgeable. The more you know about a topic, the more able you are to inform others of what is going on. Elephants in the wild are disappearing fast. Children in the future will only ever hear fairytales about elephants if we don’t stop their destruction NOW. Do you want future generations to never know what an elephant is or how intelligent, loving and family minded they are…we have so much to learn from our elephant friends and we can do this in peace with them which will benefit us as a species.
  5. IVORY is DEATH! Ivory for commercial purposes is cut from the root of the tusk which means an elephant is KILLED for it’s tusks, they aren’t just cut off however ivory is made from keratin (like finger nails) so if you are looking for a trinket or a cure perhaps start with your own toenail clippings and don’t steal an animals. Ivory belongs to elephants and elephants alone.
  6. To kill an elephant for tusks often involves killing an entire family who try to protect their fellow elephant. Babies through to the very old are killed every day just for a necklace, figurine or status symbol. Do you want the blood of a whole family on your hands?
  7. Elephants are loosing their habitat. There natural food supplies are diminishing at a rate that is unsustainable worldwide. We all have a place on this planet. If elephants die it destroys a huge part of important eco systems in many countries, which impacts every other species – including humans negatively.
  8. Trade in Ivory and elephants themselves fuel many black markets including terrorism, slavery, drugs and weapons. The crime in your neighborhood is often related to a wider network of highly organised gangs who use the trade in ivory as a doorway to create more money for dark reasons.
  9. Elephants are not entertainment. Please do not ever feed street begging elephants in Asian countries, ride them, let them paint for you or show you a trick in the circus. Elephants are status and iconic symbols of intelligence and majesty worldwide for a reason. Please have respect for these magnificent animals and observe them in as natural environment as possible and support those who make this their aim in their dealings with wild or domestic elephants.
  10. Lastly, remember elephants are fun, loving, intelligent, compassionate animals with deep souls and long lasting memories. If you treat them with respect, at a safe distance and help to ensure their survival you will leave a legacy of wonder for others rather than destruction. Help us and join us to save a species from extinction – we don’t have long…are you ready?!